Letter from Bruce Santourian

UPDATE:   March 23th, 2005
No one has stepped up to purchase the 6 acres that include the Carlsbad Skate Park. Time is quickly running out.

The SCR Committee

Today, this is what remains of the 143 acres!
Current Photo as of 3-23-05 shows that grading has closed in on the skate park. The buried Skate Park built in 1976, and buried for 20+ years here below this dirt, is still being negotiated for purchase by the Skate Board group, headed by David Berthold. But time is running out, and there are no interested buyers coming forward.

Is there no interest in saving the Skate Park?

The Drag Strip & Moto Cross Areas as of 3-23-05.
Sadly, the drag strip and moto cross areas have been bull dozed and are now unrecognizable as seen in the far background of this image.

Our efforts to save the entire Raceway have ended!
The Newspaper prophecy has come true.
It is The End for the Raceway.

Only a combined purchase offer of $20 mil could have changed this.
There has been NO interest, corporate or private, in purchasing this property. So, without interested buyer(s) / investor(s), the 143 acre Raceway has been destroyed. It is over now.

Time has run out on the drag strip & motocross track.

( old August 2004 article)

"Save Carlsbad Raceway"
A non-profit California Corporation
was formed in order
to save & upgrade & re-opening the raceway.

This raceway had significant historical value.

Skate Park Investors Wanted:
Willing qualified buyers to invest in the Carlsbad Skate Park.
Corporate and Private

We are in negotiations with the owners of the property, the HG Fenton Company. Contact us now with your information!

This ends the 40+ years of OHV history by eliminating this multi use family oriented facility.
The drag strip and moto cross areas are now gone forever. Just the skate park remains.

We are calling on you to get involved!

To our potential investors:
Come forward & make yourself known, contact us so we can put together an offer to purchase the property from the new owners before they start grading.

To our local residents, and elected officials:
We ask you to voice your support. Send the Carlsbad Mayor & City Council Members a strong message to support our efforts, convince them to take action that will help stop the construction and engage in efforts to save and upgrade this into a modern multi use family oriented recreational facility. Quick & direct contact with the land owners will help convince them that this planed Industrial Park may not be in the best interest of Carlsbad. Instead, saving this historic facility and reopening it would be a huge benefit to all the residents of Carlsbad and the surrounding communities.

To the News Media:
Your continued coverage will help to inform our residents how this recreational facility can add value to our community, raise the quality of life for our residents while preserving the environment.

We are inviting businesses and individuals alike to come forward and invest in our proposal.
Get involved - our goal is to secure the property.
Contact us now.

August, 2004 News Story (13 mb)                              Oct. 15th 2004 News Story (13 mb)

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Rainy S.O.S. Rally, included many.
Click here for Rally images!

Persuasively, and over many years, the City of Carlsbad looks to have finally succeeded in their plans to have an industrial park built on this site. In doing so, this historic OHV recreational facility will be destroyed. Although all the activities have stopped, these memories live on.

1965 Carlsbad Raceway  -   April Issue of Car Craft 
Left Lane: the Crossley-Williams-Swan "Kamakazi I"
Right Lane: Adams-Yates.

(image courtesy of Beth Crossley)

More images of the great Bill Crossley


The "Save Carlsbad Raceway" Committee is dedicated to the preservation and upgrading of the this facility.
We are in no way associated with the operators of the track, Carlsbad Raceway Inc.