A Letter to all SCR Supporters

Dear SCR Supporters:

I have good news for you. Our efforts may have made a difference. The now buried Carlsbad Skate Park is in the process of being preserved! It is true, the buried Skate Park built in 1976, and buried for 20+ years,is being negotiated for purchase by the Skate Board group, headed by David Bergthold. The owners are sympathetic and are indeed open to saving the park. The property the Skate Park is located on is a much smaller 6 acre section, and may be split off & separated in order to prevent it from being destroyed. The talks are moving forward. I am extremely happy with these ongoing negotiations. But still, the continued interest of qualified investors is vital. But it looks like GH Fenton is being very reasonable.
I praise them for that. They are doing the right thing. As for the remaining 137+ acres that is known as Carlsbad Raceway, I am afraid that the news is not as good.

THE END - - is in sight for the Raceway.
Grading is scheduled for mid December! We have not been able to stop it.
Several events have had a negative effect on our plans to save the raceway.

1. The State of California could not fund the purchase of this property at this time.
2. HG Fenton closed escrow much earlier than originally anticipated.
3. Lack of funding to support our accumulated legal fees.
4. Dooms day-ers negative propaganda helped squelch our ability to gain more support.

The Raceway as we know it will be gone very soon now.Only a combined purchase offer of $20 mil could change this. So far, the indications are clear that there is NO interest, corporate or private, in purchasing this property. So, without interested buyer(s) / investor(s), the 143 acre Raceway is doomed. It is just a matter of days now. Only a miracle of immediate investment activity can save the entire 143 acre raceway. This would indeed be a surprise to me. Time is quickly running out on the drag strip & motocross track.

Because of this, I do not plan to spend any more time on the Carlsbad Raceway effort.

Instead, I hope that we all can get behind David Bergthold and the rest of the Skate guys, in order to help them wrap up the skate park effort. I intend to work to support them. Although there is much to do, and more hills to climb, this effort looks to have success written all over it. It appears that it can indeed be preserved.

The now buried Carlsbad Skate Park, is the worlds first skate park, and for that reason should be preserved. Many young skate boarders will be able to enjoy it. I know that my seven year old will want to be having fun at this historic facility. And I cannot wait to get him over there. I am very happy that this looks to be moving forward.

Although I am sad that our efforts to save the 143 acre Raceway look to be at an end, I can honestly say that we have indeed made a difference. By helping save and uncover the historic Carlsbad Skate Park we will have achieved a great deal of success. If this effort continues to move forward, and actually succeeds, we will have helped preserve something that would have more than likely been destroyed, and in doing so, skate boarders from all over the world will enjoy this area for many years to come.

We can be very proud of this. This is very special. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Your support was appreciated. You have indeed helped this cause, you have defiantly made a difference. You are all great.

I hope that we can some day meet again, at a new family oriented recreational facility, a better one!

Bruce Santourian
Save Carlsbad Raceway, Chairman