Be at the Carlsbad Raceway protest March!

When: Arrive Tuesday Sept. 7th @ 7:00 am.- 8:30 am. (Rush Hour)
Allow time to park and walk to the site as indicated. We have signage, just bring yourself!

First location: Along the north side of Palomar Airport Road, at the graded construction area overlooking the
The Carlsbad Raceway.
Second location: The NE corner of El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Road.

Parking: Park at a central location on Loker Ave. There should be plenty of available street parking. This can serve our two demonstration locations. If you want to use the shopping plaza at Business Park and Palomar Airport Rd, use it at your own risk. As you know, it is intended for the patrons of that shopping center.



  • Be orderly.
  • Always treat people with respect.
  • Stay off the roads! Use the bike path or move up over the curb on the dirt.
  • Stay far away from traffic.
  • Always stay in a safe location.
  • Do not ever block traffic.
  • Do not park in illegally marked areas.
  • Do not break any laws.


We know what we have to do. We have a plan! But we need your support.

Join Us - Together We Can Make a Difference!

The "Save Carlsbad Raceway" Committee is dedicated to the preservation and upgrading of the this facility.