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Buried Treasure Article 10-16-04

March 1976 Carlsbad Skatepark, designed and built by Jack Graham and John O'Malley, opens in northern San Diego County, California. They also consult and design a dozen skatepark projects including Concrete Wave in Anaheim and Shady Acres in Long Beach. They publish a skatepark builders guide, "Skatepark Development." This is the beginning of the construction of skateparks all over southern California, the U.S., and eventually worldwide. (observed from Jim Goodrich's skate board history, www.jimsdoghouse.com)

This skate park has been refered to as the
"Cooperstown" of skateboarding.

Amazing Images from 1976

This skate park, Carlsbad Skate Park originally opened March 13, 1976 and is generally regarded as the first skateboard park in the world.

This book features Carlsbad Skate Park
(Warren Bolster photographer)

While skateboarding is a relatively new activity, this park is of priceless historical value to the skateboarding community and the world. According to USA Today, skateboarding is the number one youth activity in the US.

A recent book
featuring the old Skate Park, 1977

(The "Legacy" / Warren Bolster)

Today: It is buried here, still intact.

While the park is almost entirely buried by dirt,
most of the park remains intact below the surface.

Neglected for 20 years, but not forgotten, debris is scattered over this old skate park.

Tony Shin of NBC channel 7/39 interviews David Bergthold
overlooking the old Carlsbad Skate Park,  Oct. 15th, 2004


What we envision as the future of the World¹s First Skateboard Park:

  • Restoration of original park and designation as historic site
  • Addition of updated skate facility (street skate plaza, bowls/pools, vert ramp)
  • Skateboarding museum
  • An historic and educational interactive experience.
  • Modern photo and art exhibits
  • Office space for skateboarding sanctioned bodies (IASC, USA Skateboarding)
  • Meeting/ party facilities
  • Theater area
  • Pro Shop

We want to save this skate park and make it usable once again.  
 It is authentic, and has important historical significance.

SkateBoarder Magazine 1976
Featured Carlsbad Skate Park

Join Us - Together We Can Make a Difference!


The "Save Carlsbad Raceway" Committee is dedicated to the preservation and upgrading of the this facility.