October 19th S.O.S. Demonstration
at Palomar Airport Rd. & Business Park Dr.

Our Carlsbad local Police had some advice for the Skaters.
But everything went well, zero problems.

We enjoyed a very successful rally. Hundreds and hundreds of passers by sounded their horns, there was nonstop activity at this intersection. Everyone we saw looked to give us their support. Now, we just need to convenience the owners of the property that saving this property is important to the community!
This buried skate park really is a historical find.

Oct.19th North County Times

The City Council Meeting
After the rally, many of us had left for the City council meeting which was held at 6 pm. In the meeting, several of us had spoken to tell of the important history relating to this now buried skate park. We had expressed our concerns that the skate park should not be destroyed, instead, it should be upgraded, and reopened, for the residents of Carlsbad to enjoy.
Mayor Lewis had stated that he made a call to the owner, Mr. Jones, at the request of Dave Beregthold, informing him of the historical skate park.

Finding an additional funding source and setting up a second follow up meeting with the new property owner VP Mr. Jones are the next steps.

Wish us luck!